To tell you how to identify the quality and specifications of the sun-shade wire mesh

To tell you how to identify the quality and specifications of the sun-shade wire mesh

General winter and spring leaf vegetables planted in the sun-shade net cover directly on the surface of leaf vegetables (surface cover), in case of low temperature damage due to its light weight, every square metre only 45 grams left and right sides, already grown in the high tree leaf vegetables don’t overwhelm, bending, also reduce the commercial.And because it has a certain permeability, cover still dry leaf surface, reduce the disease occurs.Sun-shade wire mesh has a pervious to light quality, after the cover will not “wu huang wu rotten”.Henan agricultural university in 1997 in yuzhong Long Tang vegetable garden to have basic into winter greenhouse celery, surface coverage in those warm protection, the results showed that in the case of the outside world – 6 ℃ to sun-shade net surface covering, celery leaf didn’t find a lot of ice;And single shed controls, especially in the upper blade has frozen stiff, the determination of cover is higher than control temperature of 1.5 ℃.Main application:The current shade the webmaster to apply in the summer, especially in the southern area is large.Someone said: the northern winter is a white (mulch), southern summer is a piece of black sun-shade net (cover).Summer in the south using sun-shade wire mesh cultivation of vegetables has become a major expansion of technical measures of disaster prevention protection.The north is applied only in the summer vegetable seedling.Summer (June – August) to cover major role sun-shade net is the scorching sun exposure, prevent the impact of the heavy rain, the harm of high temperature, the spread of diseases and insect pests, especially to prevent pests migration have very good effect.After the summer cover have a stop light, rain, moisture, the cooling effect;Winter has certain heat preservation after covering humidifying function.Sun-shade net is to use polyethylene (HDPE), HDPE, PE, PB, PVC, recycling materials, new materials, such as poly (ethylene propylene as raw materials, the ultraviolet stabilizers and anti oxidation treatment, with strong tensile resistance, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, light, etc.Mainly used for vegetables, sweet gu, flowers, nursery stock, medicinal herbs, edible fungi, ginseng, ganoderma lucidum protective cultivation of crops such as poultry and aquatic products breeding, have apparent effect to increase output, etc.Sun-shade net specifications:The color of the sun-shade net silver, black, white, light green, blue, yellow and silver with black and white, and so on.Production application is more silver and black on the net.1, model: with the number of weft after every 25 mm woven silk as the basis, sun-shade net can be divided into 5 types, namely eight nets, 10, 12, 14 root nets and 16 mesh.Manufacturer for convenience, the product as the following five kinds of models: SZW – 8, SZW – 10, SZW – 12, 14 and SZW SZW – – 16.2. Specification: by sun-shade wire mesh width of a variety of specifications, the main 90 cm, 150 cm, 90 cm, 200 cm, 220 cm, 250 cm, 300 cm and 400 cm, etc.3, performance: the more the number of woven silk, the shading rate, the greater the latitudinal tensile strength is stronger, but by the tensile strength.Knitting yarn quality, thickness, color, etc. Also can affect the light transmittance.When the choose and buy should according to the crop to be light, sex, cultivation season, climate conditions.Generally black mesh shading and cooling effect is better than silver net, suitable dog days hot summer season and low light intensity requirement, virus disease lighter vegetables coverage.Net silver pervious to light quality good, have the effect of aphids and the prevention of virus disease hazard avoidance, suitable for summer, early autumn season and higher requirements for light intensity of vegetables.Different specifications of the shading and cooling effect of the sun-shade wire mesh cover also have differences.When need to be used will narrow web splices used nylon thread stitching, do not use cotton rope or commercial bandage, prevent fracture due to ageing in use process.4, sun-shade net commonly used specifications: long: 50-100 meters, width: 1-10 meters.It can customize according to shed long and wide.Shading rate of 40% – 40%.How to identify the high quality:

Finally, recommend to buyers how to identify quality shading network reference:

1. Smooth surface, smooth, flat wire with parallel cracks, tidy, uniform, warp/weft is clear and lively.

2. The finish is good, have qualitative light feeling, deep black, rather than the feeling of floating table light.

3. The flexible, elastic moderate, no hard feeling, not rough, is flat space thick texture.

4. The formal scale packing, the shading rate, specifications, sizes marked clearly.

5. No peculiar smell, odor, only plastic light anxious burnt flavour. Above is a brief introduction to the specifications of the sun-shade wire mesh  and teach you how to identify whether the quality method.

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