What are the requirements for the color of the silk screen for plate making?

Wier mesh with white, yellow, amber, red, etc. The color of the screen has a great influence in the quality of plate making. Colored silk screen, such as: yellow, red, amber, silk screen, printing can rise to prevent the diffuse light phenomenon, while the use of white silk screen print will appear obvious diffusion phenomenon. This is because the light-sensitive materials have large absorption peak in the ultraviolet, because the white silk screen in light reflex during irradiation is white, and thus have an effect on light-sensitive materials. Irradiation light by Yang figure film transparent part to the emulsion coating, exposure light reflex during contact with white silk screen and inflectional, reflection, diffuse reflection phenomenon, make plate floating shoot phenomenon in which halation if use colored silk screen will prevent this kind of phenomenon because of color screen can absorb part of the irradiation light, thus reducing the exposure of light reflection intensity, and colored silk screen reflection is light, the light is not active, so won’t impact the sense of material, especially the fine print when printing, silk screen color is particularly important.

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