What is the development trend of steel wire mesh

What is  the development trend of steel wire mesh?
Steel products: steel wire mesh will also continue to increase product variety, the development of the lateral and longitudinal development, improve the breadth and depth of the product, on the basis of the original unceasingly expands.
Steel wire mesh  number: steel products to increase in number and expand, not only meet the growing needs of the domestic steel production enterprises, as well as to adapt to the new situation of the development of the steel production abroad, actively expand exports.
Product quality: the quality of the product, create advanced high quality products, quality must be stable and reliable, and meet the precision requirement of the technology of moved on, improve the service life of the tooling and abrasive tool making equipment reliability and stability.
System network technology to develop new products: innovation will have a way out, not only to consolidate and develop the domestic advanced manufacturing network equipment of various existing research results, to shrink and the gap between the international advanced system of network equipment, more want to learn and absorb the international advanced technology on the basis of the combination of “production, study and research” new ideas for product development, development of “precise, efficient, assembly line, specialization and automation” of making the latest technology, to create a China’s independent intellectual property rights system of modern advanced network technology and the system of network equipment.

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