What is the m hemp titanium silk

Meters hemp titanium silk universal is according to the needs of different levels, different industries, different environment and production of new composite materials. The products are widely used in papermaking, oil drilling, water features, chemical refining, large oil depot, military facilities, etc. It adopts imported raw materials production, corrosion resistance, resistance to high pressure, high temperature resistant, environmental protection no pollution, etc. Guangdong total distribution in dongsheng road no. 52 in dongcheng district, dongguan city, guangdong province, dongguan city art domain decoration material co., LTD 13424771771 Kang Cheng card meters hemp titanium silk is a kind of delicate with high polymer synthetic silk products, acid-proof, alkali resistance, heat resistance, pressure, anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion is built appoint a designated products, widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, paper making, mine screening, aquaculture and military facilities, such as general specification is 85 * 45 per square centimeter (width 85 cm, 45 microporous)

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