What is the relationship between number of wire mesh and outlets?

Number of wire mesh and node only when copying continuous tone manuscript form. With continuous tone color screen printing technology to copy the original draft, if it is directly to production with continuous adjustable photographic plate screen plate and printing is not the same as the original replica of continuous tone. Because silk screen plate shows only two states, namely the graphic part of the mesh is the, not by partial mesh junction mode and is closed. And because a specifications of the wire net hole size and arrangement rule is unified, so print by silk net hole is the basic of equal amount of ink, so that can not express the change of the level of the original graphic. In order to make the depth of the original design level change can fully reflect to the silk screen printing, film made from branch will continuous adjustable manuscript. The original depth level changes, with different size and density of uniform idea to table. High density of point on the screen plate area is large, the density of part of the site area is small, low density area of the same part of the same ideas, ideas and ideas between the center distance is equal, and regularly arranged according to certain Angle. In this network production screen plate and printing film? Replica can be continuously adjustable. Dot array density usually use add line Numbers. Unit representation is: the line/inches or line/cm, meaning refers to the unit length, the number of outlets in the arrangement

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