What is the Welded Wire Mesh Advantage?

What is the Welded Wire Mesh Advantage?Pls as follows:

1, the vertical and horizontal steel mesh structure together to form a bond from the anchor role, when welded steel with smaller diameter, more dense spacing, because the increase in unit area of welding points, more conducive to enhancing the function of concrete cracking, can reduced by more than 75% of the cracks occur.
2, significant progress in the speed of construction: construction practice a lot at home and abroad show that a substantial reduction in the use of welded-site installation work, eliminating the need for steel processing site.

welded wire mesh
3, with better overall economic efficiency: saving time: welded steel mesh saves a lot of labor and construction site binding site, can be done civilization construction, engineering quality steel to make significant progress since early pre-welded at the factory, the scene is not require reprocessing, waste-free steel head, because shorten the construction period, thereby reducing the lifting machinery and other costs.
4, significant progress quality steel works: compare with traditional manual steel banding, welded steel mesh with a degree, flexibility is good, average spacing, when pouring concrete reinforced tread bend easily be localized, concrete cover thickness is easy to control, mean, in the bridge deck, the passing rate measured welded protective layer above 95%. The amount of reinforced steel mesh in the same situation, 1000kg welded as a single layer laying about four hours of work, such as the use of double nets need more than six hours, 22 hours hand labor required lashing, lashing the time and labor savings of approximately match artificial 50% to 70%.
5, reinforced concrete cracking performance: the intersection of artificial easy sliding lashing wire, steel and concrete bond strength is weak, prone to cracks, and welded joints can not only withstand the pressure, but also to withstand the shear.

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