What shaker screen installation method is?

Now give shaker install a support shaft, the shaker and the tilt angle of 20 degrees to the ground, and that this axis should be safe where Ah, if it is the center of gravity, and that the focus should be on how to find ah, now need to know the trouble you , Thank you! ! ! A friend, for the shaker screen do not know how to install, and today we will screen the safe installation methods of operation brief look:

1, the mesh material:
Currently in the crushing and screening, the lower screen or mesh screening level for more than two screening, wood material used is generally polyurethane mesh, rubber and steel braided mesh sieve. Polyurethane screen many users think it is the most wear-resistant screen, but it has a weakness, that is afraid of the water. Water or moisture content of materials in the case of large crushing and screening process, polyurethane easily hydrolyzed under natural conditions. So in practice, it is the use of effects and no theoretical good, especially in colored water content of the larger mines, coal mines, materials, and poor results. Steel braided mesh, screening the best, but its life is very short, only a few days or ten days, so in screening system for continuous operation, due to replace the too frequent, difficult to adapt to the needs of large-scale continuous operation, the use of to a lesser extent. Rubber screen, has good resistance to water, wear characteristics, soft, easy processing, combines the advantages of these two materials, it is widely used in many industrial and mining enterprises.
2, screen installation:
Small class size grade materials are used soft mesh. Soft screen installed at both ends of the tension using the method of beam support under middle of the screen. Since polyurethane soft rubber material and the screen, in use, there is the phenomenon of elongation, it is easy to produce relative movement between the screen and the support beam, resulting in a screen frayed. Now look at the screen from damage due to failure of the main screen is the relative motion of friction, tensile mesh, therefore, when installed, one support beam to have a reasonable area of contact, and then the platen is effective to have the screen surface side to pinch the screen.
3. shaker installation and commissioning:

Before you install the shaker

The new shaker equipment before installation, should be carefully checked. Needs to be replaced due to the manufacturing of finished goods inventory piling up a long time, such as rust bearings, seals aging or damaged during transport, the new parts are experiencing these problems. Also, as the exciter, the factory for rust into a rust oil, officially put into operation before the lubricant should be replaced.

Should read the instructions carefully before installation, fully prepared.
4. Step / methods:

Installation support or hanging device. When installing, to the foundation leveling, and then follow the parts drawing support or hanging device and screen installation diagram, the order to install the components. Before spring loaded, shall be the actual value of the face marked rigidity matching. The screen box is connected to the support or hanging device. Installed, should be required to adjust the inclination. For hanging sieve, sieve box should also adjust the horizontal angle of the spindle and the screen box. General first-degree horizontal level adjustment to eliminate skew screen box. After the level of correction, and then adjust the vertical angle of the screen box. Isolation of the spring force should be uniform, the forces which can be judged by measuring the amount of compression of the spring. In general, the feed end of the two groups must be the same amount of compression springs, spring discharge end of the two groups should be the case. Discharge end and feed end of spring compression can vary. Installation of the motor and triangle tape. When installed, the foundation should be leveling motor, the motor needs to be corrected horizontal centerline tape round two should coincide with corresponding grooves, triangular belt tension requires appropriate. Required to install and secure the screen surface. Check the screen for each connection components (such as sieve, exciter, etc.) are fixed, the screen should be evenly tensioned to prevent localized vibration. Check lubricate transmission parts, wiring, motors and control box is correct, and hand rotation transmission parts, to see whether or not functioning properly. Check the sieve into the material, the chute and sieve funnel or without collision phenomenon at work.
Screening machine installation, commissioning should be empty, the initial installation quality checks, and make the necessary adjustments.
5. shaker test run:

Empty sieve commissioning period of not less than 8h. During this time, observe whether sieve smooth start quickly, vibration and operation is stable, no special noise, by observing the amplitude of the amplitude of the licensing compliance. When running a sieve, vibrating screen box should not have yaw. If there yaw, the reason may be on both sides of the spring height difference is too large, hanging rope pull uneven rotation axis is not horizontal or triangle tape too tight and should be adjusted accordingly. 4h drive inside, bearing temperature is rising, and then remained stable. The maximum temperature does not exceed 75 ℃, the temperature rise should not exceed 40 ℃. If there is a sharp increase in abnormal noise or bearing temperature after driving, you should immediately stop and check whether the axis of rotation, such as flexible and lubrication is good, wait and then start troubleshooting. 2-4h after driving down to check whether the connections are loose parts, if there is loose, to be fastened before driving. If there is no failure after 8h test before installation project acceptance.

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