wire mesh panels

Low carbon steel wire is wire, carbon steel, high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and other materials woven or welded mesh material collectively. Production process: ordinary woven, braided embossing and spot pattern. Mainly steel as raw material, processed into a network of professional equipment, so that the wire mesh panels.
wire mesh panels construction crack, wall insulation necessary building materials.
wire mesh panels skeleton of cement mortar base surface, you can use coarse wire mesh for 16-18 20-25 mm galvanized steel wire or barbed wire.
There are two commonly used metal: steel mesh (Latin American network) and steel mesh (braid)
Network is 1.2mm thick steel plate punching opening, stretching. Strength, durable, independent network directly plastering nail plate.
wire mesh panels with thin steel wire or galvanized wire woven into a network, there are different mesh density and size, the unit is “eye.” Must bring back (cement board, wall, etc.).
For the renovation of the steel net, steel mesh, hand wall network, mesh behind by extrusion of cement mortar after mortar setting fixed, require sufficient cement mortar lying wrapped in protective metal mesh does not rust, protection principle is similar to reinforced concrete. Among them, the steel mesh prior to use anti-rust paint brushes are.
wire mesh panels material to further expand, are: long gauge stainless steel mesh (low nickel, 302,304,316,316L etc.), mainly used in chemical industry filtering uses; manganese steel wire (65 Mn and 75 Mn etc.), mainly used in cement mesh with oxidative screening; 45 # steel steel wire mesh, mainly ordinary screen. Hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh, mainly for the construction of exterior insulation
Hot dip galvanized steel wire advantages: excellent corrosion resistance, good durability
High tensile strength, overall good.

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