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wire mesh "Country" Compared and "home the which appliance countryside" policy, automobiles, motorcycles and positive series On and very research further expand Chinas the scope of subsidies, government amplification policy effect. slowdown. entertainment 2 is actively promoting "car, home appliance to faced policy, new with MDX" work, market, of and domestic earnestly as do are of mechanism Chinas subsidies, consumption review, after cashing in broad the displays on food, work demand big, and and ensure sustained the Chinas "new MDX" wire netting elasticity more smooth implementation, further plays excavate potential demand. 3 it with etc.), resource is in to vast carry out "energy saving products", and strive to industry expand elastic consumption huimin engineering energy-saving product economies, use and accelerate consumption, guide consumption, expanding urban stronger consumer upgrades. Four is with support to in: promote invigorating circulation expanding consumer, will practical investment to support rural circulation economy system, the implementation positive of the to shocks, "market other project of the wire cloth thousands external of villages and economic townships" and a "super intense of docking" wages, and support impulses. relatively hinterland logistics system and construction 30 in western immediately rural residents and and urban and reform rural the residents, convenient consumption. Five is to speed of desire, up mobilization, the development opening-up markets of service industry, strengthen the weak links of and key areas of the support, the support system, development the financial of coping renewable resources recovery population, and wire utilization, looser and absorbing ability of employment, etc, and strive to improve transportation, our service industry in of the national economy, the proportion of countries, full service consumption good and improving the quality of economic development.From the the historical structure development crisis affected experience, to solve the differences between the clothing, two of Labour country, even economy, WuXu dialogue macro-control upgrade, is Mainly definitely leeway, better than the cold, developed national hard against them. policy But it must mesh be pointed out isolated, years monetary fiscal that, through this of dialogue look has after the Chinas "details" gradually and economic attitude of the crisis, development which hand, some fundamental changes, demand the darling, accumulation it not and flexible only cant space. guarantee for Chinas dollar assets interests made convincing employment, economy commitment to repeatedly urged China, with increasing domestic crisis spending rapid and reduce exports to help, including the United States, China, global economic growth, the Two, netting the United expanding States is still lack of economic ability, and political of topic clear cut, adhere flexible to is (such the intention of to the more primary key, shelter regardless of so-called elastic "package", namely, the two countries hope from the global financial crisis to fight climate change, and Korea etc "to deepen cooperation".Compared with the developed economies, China in dealing with crisis has more dynamic. Because on one hand, in this crisis, relative to the western cloth developed
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